LASTMA stops young man from boarding bus because he “dressed like yahoo boy” (Video)

A young man identified as Ibrahim Koletowo, has shared his encounter with an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) who accused him of being an internet fraudster.

He revealed that he was prevented him from using public transport in the state because of the way he appeared.

The footballer said the LASTMA official named Bakare did not want him to be transported to his destination because he dressed like a ‘Yahoo’ boy.

Ibrahim shared a video on Twitter which showed his encounter with Bakare who created a scene by also threatening to arrest the driver if he zooms off.

He wrote; ”This morning on my way to work,at berger iyana oworo a lasma officer (mr bakare),accused me of being a yahoo boy because I dressed the way I can,I entered the first bus he said he will arrest the driver if he take me to my destination,he did the same to the second driver.”

He added that he ignored the officer and tried to hop onto the first bus heading to Ojodu-Berger but the LASTMA official made the driver refuse to allow him enter.

Ibrahim said; “He insisted that I was a ‘Yahoo’ boy. I told him not to use such words on me. I asked him if an internet fraudster would be at the bus stop by 8:30 am for work, but he said he would get me arrested.

“As I entered the first bus, Bakare said he would arrest the driver when he returned from the trip. The driver had to tell me to get off his vehicle.

“The same thing happened when the second bus arrived. I now had to call influential people who intervened before the man let me go.

“There were two of them. The other officer wanted to intervene, but I told him to control his colleague, not me. He asked where I got the money to buy what I was wearing.”

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