Lady who voted APC cries out as she loses job, gets evicted by landlord

A Nigerian lady has reportedly gone online to lament bitterly about the series of unfortunate events happening in her life all because she supports the All Progressives Congress, APC.

She was said to have traveled from Lagos to Ekiti to vote for APC in the 2023 general election, however, after the exercise, she got sacked from her place of work and was evicted by her landlord who is a Labour Party supporter.

A pharmacist and influencer, Mr Mekzy shared the story on microblogging site, Twitter as he said that her boyfriend also broke up with her and her friends began to distance themselves after learning of her political choice.

He said she was crying on Instagram about how she had to sell her phone to feed herself and people made fun of her in the comment section.

His words; “This babe on instagram was complaining about the terrible things that happened to her because she voted APC. She said she lost her job , her landlord gave her a quit notice, her boyfriend broke up with her, all her LP friends distanced themselves from her, she had to sell her phone to eat cos hunger nearly blinded her.

Someone in the comment section said “you still get cloth na, before the end of this year you suppose don dey wear leaf for body.””

Reacting, @ErowoO said; I know we don’t like the children of the corn but this is a lot. How did the job and house own happen?


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