Lady tests boyfriend with armed robbers to see if he’ll be able to protect her

A young woman who sent armed robbers to invade her lover’s house says she doesn’t think he is a husband material.

According to the young woman who seeks for a husband who can protect her, she had sent armed robbers to invade her lover’s house to know his reaction.

Sadly, the young man got scared and hid under the table. She said she needs a man who can protect her and cater for her needs.

In her words:

“I took my boyfriend of 6 years to meet my parents. My mother announced she’s going to market to buy groceries to make us food. To my surprise, my fiance did not pay for it.

“Then when armed robbers I arranged to test him, burst into the house with toy guns, my fiance jumped under the table and started crying that he’s just a visitor. I don’t think he’s a husband material.”

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