Lady shares encounter with male pro**titute in Lagos

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to narrate the encounter she allegedly had with a male sex worker at a club in Lagos.

The lady who says she didn’t think male sex workers truly exist, said she was stunned to have been approached by one.

She wrote in a Twitter thread,

Oloshö boys truly dey oo😳😳
You know I’m always cruising about carrying oloshö boys, Omo I met one oo over the weekend🤣😂
Lemme gist you😂

Shebi Daz how my girlfriends gingered me to go to a party oo. I swéar, I dinnor wantu go oo but I’m one of those friends that when I’m at a Party, I know how to ginger everybody so they kinda really needed me for hype.
They sha bribed me sha and I followed them.
It was a club.
I didn’t even spend a kobo bcs the deal was to follow them and they won’t lemme spend.

As usual, I was bringing life to the party, hyping my girls😍. Guys were so interested in our table bcs we were so lively and they started coming but we pursued most😏.

Omo..Ballerz dey oo. Some group of guys just cleared our bill, sent us a bundle each (200k)&ordered 3 bottles to our table with fire crackers🤩

My girls &I were so happy. Hot guys oo. Hype man hype us taya😂. There was so much life on our table&truthfully, we lukd really hot.

Of course, when the guys came, courtesy demand we were nice to them. Daz how d richest in d clan started dancing with me oo. (Don’t worry, we girls alws know d richest in d clan🤪) I looked at my babes with the ‘Okurrr’ face😝. ‘I go first una buy house for banana island’🤪😂

This guy came reeking of cigarette..Turn off! I can manage wéed/löud smell but cigar?🤮.Just less dan 10mins of dancin, he was alrdy touchn me?…‘Ogbeni gerrout’.Rich guys &their yeye audacity sha😏.I just dancd away4rm him.He went 2meet my frnd&she gave me d ‘okurr’ face too😂

As I danced alone, Omo Daz how this fine looking gentleman came to me🥰 Eii God! ‘Angel Gabriel, Is that you?’😍.
He even looked like he works in an office (and I was right. He showed me his card). Smelled good, dressed smart and spoke well…
Dear Jesus…I DO again🙈😂

I hardly follow guys home afta clubbn bcs I lowkey feel it’s‘whocup’but I said I wee break rules 4dis guy&allow him‘grease my elbow’😂
He dint evn touch me but he teased me a lot.He made me crave his touch.I was like..‘Aww perfct gentleman’.Baby Bryan,is dat u kickin again?🙈

He askd where I stayd,I told him. Nxt questn..’wana take me home?’I laughd thinkn it was a joke..Omo no be play o😳.Baba startd tellin me his packages &even promo offers😂.Bro I’m not cappin!😂.I thot they said na Abj guys dey do des tins😂
Mayb he tink sey na me order Azul🤣

I stil thot it was a joke until he startd sayin I shld make transfer so we can leave on time🤣

Werèy wantu chöp me & I’ll still pay?😂So dis is wat dis other gender go thru?OGBENI IF U DNT GEDIFOK!😂
Mr Cigar,where are u? I like cigar smell now😂
Werèy lo poju l’eko oo😂


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