Lady seeks advice on ending relationship with boyfriend of 3 years who cares and pays her rent but not her type

A lady has sought advice online on how to break it to her boyfriend of 3 years, who pays her rent and plans to marry her, that she is no longer interested in the relationship.

The lady revealed that her boyfriend is a good man; he’s caring and pays her rent but she has found it impossible to fall in love with him because he’s not her type.

She also disclosed that her boyfriend has plans to marry her but she had only gone into the relationship because he had a good heart.

In her words:

“Been with my boyfriend for 3yrs .he’s caring,pays my rent.He’s talking about marriage but truth Is l have failed to love him, Plus he’s not like my type but coz he has a good heart l decided to start a relationship with him but now l want to end this relationship? Pliz advise me.”

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