Lady robbed by man who wooed her at a supermarket

A woman on Facebook who goes by the name Ella unusual has recounted how a man conned a woman she met in the supermarket and stole her phone.

The woman became attracted to the young man and even went so far as to give him her phone and some other stuff she had purchased at the grocery store. He sadly vanished with them.

Ella narrated:

I was in GRA yesterday, I decided to branch Market square to pick something. I saw a guy and a lady filling their trolleys with items.

Everything the lady picked was in pairs…

e.g the biggest Milo and peak milk (two cans each item). She picked things worth 30k plus as well as the guy.

When they got to the cashier stand, the guy asked are you sure you don’t need anything else? Feel free to pick more so I can pay at once. The lady was happy, as she was about leaving to bring more items, the guy requested for her phone to call his friend.

The lady handed over her phone to the guy and went on for more shopping, when she finally returned, she met those items and the guy had zoomed off.

That was when we knew they just met on the road, he gave her a lift and straight to the supermarket. Now her iphone11 is gone.”

It wasn’t said if the man was caught or the phone was recovered after the incident.

See tweet below:

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