Lady regrets relocating back to Nigeria as bad petrol spoils her car and generator

A Nigerian woman identified as Aderonke Ahmed has taken to social media to reveal how the fuel scarcity among other nationwide issues are frustrating her.

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The lady who is an abroad-returnee, said that bad petrol she bought knocked her car engine, and the petrol as well as diesel generators are both bad.

Aderonke known on Twitter as @Rene_noire also disclosed that low current spoilt her inverter. She added that despite having her own money, she cannot enjoy it due to different unending bills.

According to the divorcee, the challenges are so overwhelming that she is considering leaving Nigeria.

She wrote; ”I’m trying to be strong but I can’t take it anymore. Bad petrol knocked my car engine, my diesel gen is bad, petrol gen is bad, low current electricity spoilt my inverter, tailors are stressing me!! I make good money but can’t enjoy it cos the bills won’t stop. I’m tired guys !!

It’s one to have bills but to also have unplanned bills is annoying. Unavoidable ones at that. For first time since I moved back I’m seriously considering leaving this country. Wtf!!!”

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