Lady finds out her fiancee impregnated another lady a month to their wedding

A Nigerian lady who has been left heartbroken and distressed has gone to the social space to seek the help of netizens regarding her ordeal.

The young woman took to Facebook to share that she was getting married to her fiance in a month’s time, however, she found out a devastating information.

Apparently, he had impregnated a lady just a month before their wedding, the bride-to-be who is confused about what to do and asked social media users to help her with a decision she won’t regret.

“Good evening house, please what do you do when your wedding is in a month’s time and a lady shows up claiming she’s pregnant for your fiancee? Do you call of the wedding or continue?
NB: I sought the face of God and got God’s approval before agreeing to the proposal,” she said.

Many social media users came to the lady’s aid as they advised her to go ahead with the wedding and conduct a DNA test when the lady gives birth.


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