Lady exposes tactics girls are now using to snatch faithful men who own fancy cars

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to raise alarm about the new strategies ladies use to snatch men from their women when they see them driving luxury vehicles.

The concerned woman disclosed that certain women are currently searching the streets relentlessly for guys they want to snatch by whatever means.

She disclosed that if women witness men driving luxury automobiles approaching, they attempt to aggressively arrange their bodies in an attempt to divert the driver’s attention.

She claims that these women will purposefully jiggle their waists and thrust out their chests to allow the motorist to stop and call them.

The woman said that she observed a lot of them acting in this way when they spotted her car approaching; however, they stopped acting in this way when they realised she was a woman.

She advised women who had spouses and boyfriends to be prayerful because these ladies are determined to steal their men by any means possible.

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