Lady attacks man for not buying her drink while on date

A Nigerian lady has been captured on tape tackling a man for taking her on a date and refused to act buy somethig for her.

She caused a scene at the lounge he took her to because he did not consider buying her a drink.

The guy bought a bottle of beer for only himself and was drinking in her presence, and this provoked the lady to react.

She stood up from her seat and queried him for being selfish and insensitive that he did not even bother to order any item for her.

However, the guy said she was only embarrassing herself and other women were looking at her with an eye of shame.

She reminded him of how he had been disturbing her phone for a date only for him to treat her like that.

The lady expressed regret for agreeing to go out with him and warned him not to call her number again. He then told her to feel a slight bit of shame that she canot afford a drink for herself.

Watch the video below:


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