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Lacy Connell death: Lacy Connell San Angelo has passed away.

There was a fatal crash between Garden City and Midland city – on U.S. 158 near County Rd. 1110 in Midland County which Texas Department of Public Safety officers are investigating.

Lacy Connell death lailasnews

The last post Lacy made on Facebook four days ago reads:

Today is a day most of us wake up and drag, and think negatively of having to go to work and begin our week.

Ugh Monday, right? But our busy day to day lives we seem to take so many things for granted.

Instead of thinking we “have” to, think about how we GET TO! We GET to wake up to another day of life, we GET to go to another day of work to provide income for our families.

We must not complain and realize if we don’t wanna do it, someone else would HAPPILY take our place , and are praying for the blessings we already have!

The world can be such a beautiful place if you focus on the positive in life.

If you woke up this morning, and God took away everything you hadn’t thanked him for, what would you be left with?….Mindset is everything.

#GodisGood #ifyourreadingthis #youvebeenblessed

Lacy Connell death:

Read tributes in honour of Lacy below:

  • From Infamous:

Wow i can’t believe Lacy Connell died.. just feels so f**in random dude. R.I.P… all I can feel is emotions for her son.. smh

  • From Tabitha Mota:

Rest in paradise beautiful girl !! 💖sorry to hear what happened to you ! 💔😢I’m glad to have had the honor of being a friend to you and hang out at times … Bless your soul love . fly high in the sky with the angels .

May her soul rest in perfect peace. This is a developing story.

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