Kobbo Santarrosa La Comay accident: Kobbo Santarrosa accident

Kobbo Santarrosa La Comay creator suffered an accident while riding his bicycle at 7:00 am October 29, 2019, on Reina de Las Flores Street, in the Loíza Valley urbanization.

Kobbo Santarrosa accident: Kobbo Santarrosa La Comay

According to a part offered by the Police at noon today, the creator of La Comay, ran on his bicycle and “does not realize that the driver of a Mazda Protege of the year 2000 black, identified as John Alexander Rosario González, 26 years old, left in retreat of the marquee of his residence when he fails to notice the presence of the cyclist.

Following this, Santarrosa Acevedo is shocked and falls on the pavement.

Kobbo Santarrosa La Comay accident: Kobbo Santarrosa accident

According to the report of the agent Anthony Lozada Dávila, attached to the Canovanas Barracks, Santarrosa Acevedo was evaluated by Dr. Sandoz, who attended the lacerations in elbows and knees. Santarrosa Acevedo suffered neck trauma.

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