Keep eating my money – Man appreciates pregnant wife for supporting him during hustling days

A Nigerian man identified as Opeyemi Drift has taken to microblogging site, Twitter to reveal how much of a wonderful woman his wife is.

He shared the background story of how their love started and the level of support she showed to him, especially how she encouraged him during his down days.

Opeyemi who tied the knot with his wife, Sandra in November 2021, vowed to ensure that she enjoys his money now that he has become financially successful.

His post was basically to appreciate her and announce that she is pregnant with their first child.

He wrote; ”This is a @Sandraessor appreciation post. This woman gave me a chance when I was still deep in the trenches. Now she bouta have my baby. I love you so much, my Queen. Keep eating my money. Na you get am.

Bro, I was living in the trenches o.

The next house could see straight into my bedroom and my kitchen. I had one Mazda at the time that used to spend 3 weeks at the mechanic and 4 days with me every month 😂

Then I had a Hyundai that preferred to die on 3MB than anywhere else

I’ll never forget the day when after being strong all my life, I finally broke and was on the ground, she said we die here.

Fam, God used this woman to wake me the f**k up.

I asked her one time. I said “I be like person wey you fit marry?” and she said why not?

In my mind, I was like “what the fuck do you mean “why not?”

Have you seen me? I’m a dead guy, broke ass, earning little and other things. But she ain’t even think about all that. She showed me who I was capable of being and I plugged in.

@Sandraessor for life baby.”

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