Katie Horner KMBC daughter missing update: Ava & Dani Pandolfi missing

Katie Horner KMBC daughter missing update: Ava Armato, Katie Horner daughter FOUND SAFE

Katie Horner KMBC daughter missing update:

Original story:

The young lady, Dani Pandolfi last seen with missing Katie Horner daughter is said to have run away from her parents’ home.

This has not been officially confirmed by police officials. A post from Frank Armato saying dani and Ava ran away from Danielle’s parents home early this morning Saturday November 2, 2019 is pictured above.

Katie Horner KMBC 7 hours ago announced on her Facebook page that her daughter was missing. A statement where she desperately asked for help finding her missing child reads:

Update: anyone recognize this truck from the Walmart off Barry Rd near Boardwalk shops this morning.

I need your help. My daughter, pictured on the right, is missing.

She was last seen with this girl, Dani Pandolfi at the Walmart in Gladstone off 72nd street.

Please call KCMO police if you see them. And please share this. #kmbc

Katie didn’t release her daughter’s name or what she was wearing or how old she is.

Please if you know anything, do call Kansas City police. Help bring Ava and Dani home.

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