Joyful moment Nigerian mother arrived abroad for Omugwo

A Nigerian woman flew out of the country to join her daughter who recently put to bed and the reunion was a heart-melting one.

She traveled to Ghana where her daughter is based, for the traditional after-birth care known as Omugwo.

Chima Kwami, the new mum shared a video showing when her mum arrived to attend to her grandchild.

The elderly woman was evidently overjoyed on her arrival, and she showed her happiness by kneeling down and lifting her hands up in appreciation to God.

She then met the husband’s mother who had earlier joined the couple for the same purpose.

Sharing the clip, Chima wrote; “And mummy has to come all the way from Nigeria to Ghana for Omugwo (Postpartum Care). Thank God for Journey Mercy, is not easy.”

Watch video below:

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