Jay Boogie has not been able to pass urine for 24 hours – Doctor calls out hospital over botched surgery

A Nigerian doctor has taken to social media to call out a surgeon who reportedly performed a botched surgery on crossdresser, Daniel Anthony Nsikan, better known as Jay Boogie, in Lekki, Lagos.

This comes a few hours after Jay Boogie himself went online to cry out about having a medical emergency. He stated that a plastic surgeon who works at Curvy Girl Essentials hospital should be held responsible if anything happens to him.

A doctor who is based in Namibia, Dr. Loveth Jennifer, has now shed more light on the situation. She disclosed that Jay Boogie is in a critical condition and has not been able to urinate for 24 hours following the cosmetic procedure.

She also revealed that the surgeon, identified as Dr. Dinma, dumped Jay Boogie in a low-standard hospital and is now claiming that he has kidney problems.

Read as she wrote below,

“Nothing must happen to @jay_boogie_ !!!! You are messing with the wrong human! Don’t think because she is a Trans person in Nigeria then their no people to fight for her because E will shock you!!!!
@jay_boogie has not been able to pass urine for 24 hours now after surgery and you think it makes sense to dump her in a weird hospital and claim she has kidney issues??? Wtf!!!!

I just listened to a voice note between @jay_boogie_ and Dr. Dimma and you are asking him to take a Cab!

Wtf! Your facility is not even in charge of taking him to the hospital? What do you think you are doing??
Take full responsibility for @jay_boogie_ and take her to the hospital! How dare you even operate on her without the patient coming with family or friend?
Is this what you people have turned Nigeria’s Healthcare system to?

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