Jagaban Cornflakes in circulation cause mixed reactions among Nigerians

Nigerians across Twitter have taken to the platform to express their thoughts after a user posted a purported image of a branded ‘Jagaban Cornflakes’ with a sketch of the Presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress, (APC), Bola Tinubu.

A Twitter user known as @ManLikeIcey posted the photo on his page but he expressed unhappiness about what it represented.

The Jagaban cornflakes seems to already be in circulation as an individual could be seen holding it in what is believed to be their home.

@ManLikeIcey simply captioned; ”Shameful.”

It is however not certain if the cornflakes is from the camp of the APC Presidential candidate.

Nigerians on Twitter however took to the comment section of the post to express their diverse thoughts

@Mr_JAGs wrote; AGBADO = CORN ….. I don’t see the problem 😁

@iamMista_jay; It wouldn’t have been shameful if this had the face of the candidate you’re supporting. I don’t know why y’all find it difficult to accept the choices others make.

@harryofido; Some people go still chop their futures as corn

@Dannyaced; This man is taking this agbado and ewa thing seriously

@ostelly; I can neva eat this even if na free, yikes

@dipohub; This is not shameful it is just branding 😂😂😂😂😂

@SUgbor; Shameful? You guys don’t know about campaign strategy sha

@itsDavidOnoja; Y’all just missed out on a chance to say agbado

@PETOBI; I guess is for free…People should collect and VOTE WISELY

TaiyeAkinlotan; He’s taking the agbado thing seriously and it’s getting scary, help!

@Demo_OYO; Cornflakes agn dis people mean business oo

@DVN_KING; Should have shared agbado and ewa instead

@Iam_Turnt22; What’s this thing obsession with corn?? We need to know

@0najite; I lowkey want to try it tho

@charlesbillie15; Ahh I’m just seeing this one now

@thayour_H20; Yeah that’s a better food make in Nigeria 🇳🇬 not china import.

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