It makes no sense – Lady explains why she doesn’t shower before going to work

A Nigerian lady has blasted netizens who called her out for refusing to take her bath before going to work.

In a video that was posted by the woman on TikTok, she explained that she doesn’t take her bath before she leaves for work.

It makes no sense - Lady explains why she doesn't shower before going to work |

In her defense, before going to bed at midnight, she takes her bath, hence why she doesn’t see the need to bath again when she wakes up in the morning.

“Shower after midnight and I have work, wake up at 6 and shower again?” she said.

Watch video HERE.

The video had many social media users arguing with her words, while some supported her and said they do the same. See some comments below;

@Chinny Graceworld: Mine is that without a shower my day hasn’t started.So if I really want my day shower first. Do what works for you,we are all adults

@Abel Obakore Atimah: If a woman don’t know it is important to bath at every opportunity, let her continue the way she wants. Na deodorant and perfume go sell. She probably grew up with too many guys, so she’s trying to see herself as a man.

@Nwaiwu Fidelis: I don’t feel energized working without bathing first

@Chisaa Juliet Umeh: Yes baby girl 😂 I like u already

@Ethoja Tare Texy: I know who dy this table but I nor go call name make table nor break 🤣

@Onwudinjo Loveth Kamsiyochukwu: I will be lazy the whole day n feeling sleepy without my good morning shower n at night after the day stress if I didn’t bath ooo My ancestors will be pinching me till I shower

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