Is Aurelio Casillas dead? Aurelio Casillas death Season 7

Is Aurelio Casillas dead? Aurelio Casillas death Season 7- what happened?

Is Aurelio Casillas dead? Aurelio Casillas death Season 7

In the Telemundo television series El Señor de los Cielos season 7, Aurelio Casillas, portrayed by Rafael Amaya, died.

Rafael Amaya: Is Aurelio Casillas dead? See how Aurelio Casillas death hapened in ‘The Lord of the Skies 7’

Rafael Amaya was absent during the second half of the sixth season of ” The Lord of the Skies .” The actor had allegedly fallen ill and the writers kept the leading character in a coma.

It was until the last moments of the last season that it was said that Aurelio Casillas was reacting and leaving his coma. The fans of the narcoserie had the doubt that if the character would return for his seventh season.

Before much expectation, the new season was finally released and Amaya reappeared in some scenes. Casillas was still in a coma and planned to get him out of that state by giving him electroshocks.

For a moment it seemed that everything had worked since Casillas opened his eyes. Then flashbacks of scenes from the different seasons are seen, but the character experiences a cardiac arrest that takes his life.

This is how Casillas’s character dies in the series.

Aurelio Casillas death has sparked shock waves among fans who have taken to social media to say they are done watching the show after 7 seasons.

Read reactions below:

  • From Novelas Time:

This probably marks the beginning of the end. AURELIO CASILLAS IS DEAD and with him the probable ending of this narco-novela once and for all #ESDLC7

  • From DaRealNoriega_:

Wow!!!! I can’t believe they really did that!!! Why!???? Idk if i can keep watching. I was looking forward to Aurelio and Amado. Smh, not fair! Poor job on the producers, writers and everybody responsible for this….


  • From Germery

Rafael Amaya is one of the main reasons Telemundo is as successful as it is today and that network did him dirty ever since last year #ESDLC7

  • From yareli aylin:

How are they gonna start the 7th season like that? R.I.P mi marido Aurelio Casillas

  • From Olga Herrera:

You guys have no idea how upset i am that they killed Aurelio Casillas, like que chiste tiene ver la serie? Wtf so pissedddd

  • From Stephanie💁:

Telemundo really played my ass with showing his face on all the trailers and promos. I should have known better 😭😭😭#ESDLC7

  • From Julee:

Entonces se muere el mero mero El Señor de los Cielos #AurelioCasillas en el primer capítulo. No manchen.. si es así adiós serie. Rafael Amaya es el protagonista. Ya valió esto sin el. Aquí todavía falta para qué empiece #ESDLC7 ya ni me dan ganas de ver está temporada.

Then the mere mere Lord of the Skies #AurelioCasillas dies in the first chapter. Do not stain .. if so, goodbye series. Rafael Amaya is the protagonist. It was worth this without him. Here we still have to start # ESDLC7 and I don’t want to see this season anymore.

Is Aurelio Casillas dead? Aurelio Casillas death season 7 – what happened?

In the sixth season of ” The Lord of the Skies “, Aurelio Casillas went from hunter to prey in a chase orchestrated by the Colombian drug dealer ‘El Cabo’ in revenge for the death of his son.

In one of the clashes, Casillas received a series of shots that left him in a coma; however, in the final episode he managed to move his fingers, which could be a sign of his recovery and reincorporation to the bloody war between drug traffickers.

In principle, the absence of Rafael Amaya did not respond to a plot twist, but to a disease that the actor contracted during the soap opera recordings in Turkey.

“He got sick of histoplasmosis, a respiratory infection that he acquired after recording in a cave where there were bats. A chapter of ‘ The Lord of the Skies ‘ was recorded in a cave where there were bat feces, which sucked by accident and thus contracted the fungus, ”he made himself known at the time.

The pulmonary histoplasmosis is a disease contracted by inhaling spores produced by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, the same found in the feces of birds and bats.

This disease affects thousands of people every year, but very few register with a serious condition. Unfortunately, Amaya was among the latter. He was the most affected among the members of the production who contracted the disease.

After this serious problem, Rafael Amaya chose to get away from the cameras and even disappeared from social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, where he used to have an important presence.

Nor has he participated in public events, except for the promotion he recorded with Telemundo to celebrate the holidays of the end of the year 2019. However, the special could be done well in advance, so it was no guarantee of Amaya’s reappearance.

Telemundo made no statement in this regard for months. The cast didn’t know anything either.

Carrillo also said he did not know the whereabouts of the actor after his abrupt departure from ” The Lord of the Skies .” “I have no knowledge, we continue to roll as our books, but Rafa’s personal life now I do not have knowledge,” he said.

Did the actor have problems with Telemundo?

This rumor was born following a publication of the magazine TVNotas, which assured, from a source, that Telemundo was not sure to bring it back.

According to the statements collected by the entertainment magazine, after getting sick, Amaya threatened Telemundo executives to sue them for putting their health at risk, arguing that they did not take the necessary precautions to avoid infection.

He also noted that, as part of his disagreements, the actor requested a raise, but the television company refused and instead demanded that he return to work immediately.


A radio station in the United States reported in April 2019 that Rafael Amaya had terminated his contract with Telemundo , but company executives came out to deny these versions.

“Everything remains the same and yes it is exclusive talent of Telemundo “, confirmed from the TV network.

A month later, the television network confirmed the return of its exclusive actor and at the end of May the first image of Amaya was leaked in a long time, in a family reunion.

The actor was also seen in a video shared by the northern group Los Rojos, although it is unknown when exactly these images date.

What happened to Aurelio Casillas on SEASON 7 OF “THE LORD OF HEAVENS”?

The sixth installment of “The Lord of the Skies” left several questions that will be resolved in the new episodes of the series. The Casillas, with Beloved ‘Blue Eagle’ and Ishmael at the head, and Chema joined together to end ‘The Cape’, but failed to kill him, only to reduce his forces.

Meanwhile, although Evelina (Ninel Conde) managed to escape and spent time with her father and was able to give birth to her daughter calmly in the Dominican Republic, the narco reappeared in her life.

To save his family, Amado decided to surrender to the Mexican authorities. Thus, while his family escaped, he faced the DEA, and when the officers tried to search his house, he told them that there was no one left and everything exploded through the air.

58 thoughts on “Is Aurelio Casillas dead? Aurelio Casillas death Season 7

  1. So sad, it really pissed me off! I won’t watch season 7 n I hardly watch 6 because the real main actor was gone , I mainly watched it cause he was a super actor! Tal messed everything up by taking him off!!!!

  2. I can’t believe that Telemundo made such a BIG mistake to remove Rafael Amaya from season 7 what were they thinking?! Why not keep Rafa in the last episode 6 in a coma and let he come back in season 7 .I will definetely stop watching season 6 and 7!!!!!!

  3. This is one of the best movies I’ve yet to have seen..Raphael..Arelio is a great actor…as was chacorta..I almost didn’t watch after he was killed off..only in season 5 right now and look forward to seeing what happens in ,6 &7..I do not speak Mexican but have managed to keep up..I have never binge watched any movie like this one but in spite of all the violence I’ve loved every minute with little or no sleep…

  4. Season 6 was not as good as the other seasons although I have not finished watching it! But very disappointed in season 6! Hope 7 is better but without Raphael I doubt it will be as good since so far season 6 is a disappointment in that I realize you will be killing off the main character! What’s wrong with the producers don’t they realize that we’re like little kids & want to see Aurelio Casillas live throughout the end of the series!!!!…

  5. I agree without Amaya there is no sense in continuing with the Novela. The whole point is it is about Aurelio “El Senior de Los Cielos!” How can anyone watch a novella or a movie when the main character is not in it?? It then becomes false unreal and useless. So sad such an intelligent, big company as Telemundo would make such a HUGE decision that would have such a negative impact on the viewers and people they should be taking care of to watch more Telemundo!!

  6. I can’t believe it without the Lord of the skies the serie is rubbish how can telemundo commit this kind of atrocity aurelio is the reason why we are watching this serie but now I think I stop watching it pls is ok if z in coma at the end of season 6 but at least season 7 he should come back and kill Cabo and leave doing drug business and boom he stay calm with his family happy ending.

  7. I am so disappointed I not watching the new season of senior de lo cielos it not the same it would been better for you to have ended the show

  8. Waited for season 7 on Netflix hoping Aurelio Casillas come out of the coma but after first episode I’m done no point on watching it without Rafael Amaya.

  9. I waited for season 7 on Netflix for over a year. I’ve watched this show from the beginning. I’m sad Aurelio is not on the show anymore. Not sure I will watch it now. All good things must come to an end.

    1. So pissed off after watching Season 6 last year..I am watching it all over again because I so miss this guy. Aurelio drove and fuelled every fibre in my body…I became ADDICTED because of him and his character. The is the only Series I have ever been so addicted to. I just CANNOT accept he is dead in the series. I only knew of Telemundo because of him otherwise I wouldnt have known about them. This TVstation FAILED him…THIS IS NOT RIGHT. DEPRESSING!!
      Please allow me to speak to him to bring him back.lololol…but yourll failed him. And it was nasty to have him suffer those conditions in this Cave in Turkey. That’s why he left, he was ILL!!!!

  10. My reason for watching lord of the skies is Casillas. He is the main character and leading role. It does not make sense for the main character to be in comma. El Cabo shouldn’t have defeated Aurelio in that open fire…this is where the producer got it all wrong. Season 7 won’t be as interesting as other seasons.If it’s not Aurlio as the lead character no one can best plau it

  11. I’m so disappointed that the kill off his character, He was the face of this hit series, I’m so disappointed. I thought he was coming out of coma and the way they kill his character is so wrong for someone who made this series a blast.

  12. Bye bye to Lord of the skies if my love is not there no need after watching tonight I find out he was shot I wasn’t myself pls writer pls next time don’t fuck produce such an better change it and bring back my Refeal.

  13. You guys should do something and bring that guy back without him that movie is nothing

  14. Am not a Mexican but am addict to the film because of Rafael amaya without him there’s nothing to watch I mean absolutely nothing…. U just kill the film nonsense *hissdddd

  15. AKA Cabo, should not be consider equal or even more powerful than Aurelio, mistake number one, Rafael Amaya I indeed the heart of the series without him everything has gone down the rain.

  16. please bring aurelio back caz we watch lord of the skies because of him.he is everything in the mistake to make aurelio kill by cabo.cabo is not powerful than aurelio as u can c aurelio shot him 3 times on the scene nd i dnt thnk cabo wr bulletbroof mistake by writer..rafael amaya is the bst

    1. Cabo was being protected by that witch Eulalia. Giving Cabo more power than Aurelio was the first mistake. Then they had Cabo shoot Aurelio. Second mistake. They put him in a coma. Third mistake. Then they wrote up a crappy, useless doctor to take care of him, and left the work to the nurse. Fourth mistake. Then they had him moved several times, and had him in the middle of a shootout . Fifth mistake. Those are Telemundo’s mistakes. I’m still watching season six. I’m going to continue watching Lord of the Skies, though, cause I wanna see how this new plot twist with Amado goes. Also, I realize nobody mentioned in the list of problems of season six that they replaced the superb Mauricio Ochmann with Alberto Guerra. I really can’t see Chema Venegas without seeing Mauricio Ochmann.

  17. My family and I have waited to see Aurelio super stunts in Season 7. This is the worst of the worst to continue on without Aurelio!!!

  18. AURELIO is the main man in the series ,he is reason why many Telemundo fans watch that Tele Novella
    why take him off the scene .Without Rafa Amaya no Lord of the Skies .Telemundo producers please do something about my screen idol.

  19. useless useless why remove aurelio whoever decided that is very dull as for today am done watching lord of skys the main man is out sad ending useless story

  20. Why call it lord if the skies when you decide to kill his character, without Raphael what’s the point for season 7!!!

  21. Disappointed that they didn’t bring the main character back big mistake Cabo was a creep who was no match for Auriello

    1. I hate that guy cabo. He should have been the one that’s eliminated! Seriously! Who’s the writer of this series? Such dumb move! USELESS SEASON 7!

  22. Yaa I’m also disappointed of death of lord of the skies without him no Telemundo nothing make sure you bring my aurellio fan back

  23. i am so upset and disappointed in how the producers really did not care how the fans would feel if Aurelio casillas dies. They killed the whole novela i don’t even want to watch it anymore he needs to come back to life somehow some way with like the witch that el cabo has the casillas could of kidnapped her and have her do some witch craft since aurelio cheated death so many times why couldnt he survive this one i was really looking foward in amado and aurelip meeting. welp there goes that. There is still time to bring him to life.

  24. I am soooo so disappointed! I am only watching this because of him!

  25. And i dont even speak the language. I didn’t mind reading the captions. Aurelio Casillas caught my interest in this series and you guys ‘killed’ him?
    I stopped watching season 7. I am very disappointed.

    1. Am so angry and disappointed that aurelio casillas had to die….why did he really die ?? He was not suppose to die coz after his death the SERIES got relly boring its not interesting and fun anymore

  26. I am still waiting for Amaya to return to the stage. Hopefully to show where Vitamina kept him. I hope with my suggestion another series can start. Please come back Amaya. I watch the series just because of you. I am an Africa. I enjoyed seeing you in the movie. Kindly come back with Monica.

  27. The writers and producers must act wisely to maintain an African market for the show by bringing Rafael back.They will be losing alot of money and recognition in the African market if they do not do something to bring Rafael Amaya back and that won’t be a good business strategy on their part.Rafael is simply blessed from Above and whether he kills all those who betray him and gets shot 100 times,he is not supposed to die.That is why he is called Lord of the skies and that is the Strength of the entire series and package!.#Period


  28. I just started watching this show and it’s so awesome!!!! If Aurillo Casillas dies!! Then it’s already ruined!! He’s the reason why I got into the show!! Remake 7, and bring back Aurillo Casillas!!!!

  29. Comment*So disappointed that Rafael’s character is no more. Like wtf? He’s the reason I’ve stuck with the show till now. Season 7, you are on your own jare.. So not cool that the main cast is dead, and to think that he bears the name of the series… Una no try ooo

  30. Am so angry and disappointed that aurelio casillas had to die….why did he really die ?? He was not suppose to die coz after his death the SERIES got relly boring its not interesting and fun anymore

  31. Why those producers dont want to understand us without Rafael amaya the series is boring even if he’s sick in real life they need to make some like AURELIO the legend one not this butch of idiot cabo helped by a witch…please please make AURELIO to be part of season 7 please the producers

  32. I’m Nigeria watching 6 but after reading this, I am done with the series!!! there is no Lord of the Skies without The Lord of the Skies

  33. I’m from Nigeria and I love the movie because off Rafael Amaya… Now they said he is die… Do they fuck off the best is to stop ir

  34. I’m from Nigeria, I have being forcing myself to watch season 6 with hope that Aurelio will be back in season 7 but with all these mess I’m hearing. I’m done with the lord of the skies. The producers and directors of this movie should please do something fast and bring him back to season 7.

    If u have any problem with Him (Aurelio) please settle it. His demands should be met. He is the reason WHY we all are watching the movie and telemundo channel.

  35. I’m not sure if Mr. Amaya or the writers/Producers of Lord of The Sky read these posts or even value the comments from the viewers of the show. However, I’m writing this post in the hopes that you all do.

    Mr. Amaya first I want to express my sincere concern for your health and well being. I’m hoping by now you are healed and feeling so much better. I also want to commend you on the role you played as Arelio Casillas. I started watching the show and Telemundo in May during NY’s quarantine period. It’s because of you I became a die hard fan of Lord of The Skies, which I started watching after I viewed Queen of The South, and remembered in that show. I sadly admit Lord of the Skies is not the same without you. You’re an amazing actor and bring realism to the character Arelio, I sincerely thank you.

    To the writers/Producers of Lord of the Skies I wish along with other fans, hope you can find away to reconcile with Mr. Amaya and bring him back to the show. It’s the actors and fans that make your show a success. Respectfully, I implore that you reach out to him and work on away to resurrect his character and bring him back to the show. Also, find away to bring back the original Chema Vengas. The current one is ok, but he doesn’t add character or emotion to the role like the original Chema. The first Chema made you feel his pain whether good or bad over Rutila Casillas, especially when he teared up.

    Please bring those 2 characters back.

    Thank you.

  36. Since the first episode I watched lord of the skies and each episode since the I was alway wandering what Aurelio would do next but now that he is “dead” I will never watch lord of the skies again . RIP! to my favorite Character RIP AURELIO! ❤❤And RIP to the lord of the skies I will NEVER watch it again there is simply no use none at all

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