Is Aurelio Casillas dead? Aurelio Casillas death Season 7

Is Aurelio Casillas dead? Aurelio Casillas death Season 7- what happened?

Is Aurelio Casillas dead? Aurelio Casillas death Season 7

In the Telemundo television series El Señor de los Cielos season 7, Aurelio Casillas, portrayed by Rafael Amaya, died.

Rafael Amaya: Is Aurelio Casillas dead? See how Aurelio Casillas death hapened in ‘The Lord of the Skies 7’

Rafael Amaya was absent during the second half of the sixth season of ” The Lord of the Skies .” The actor had allegedly fallen ill and the writers kept the leading character in a coma.

It was until the last moments of the last season that it was said that Aurelio Casillas was reacting and leaving his coma. The fans of the narcoserie had the doubt that if the character would return for his seventh season.

Before much expectation, the new season was finally released and Amaya reappeared in some scenes. Casillas was still in a coma and planned to get him out of that state by giving him electroshocks.

For a moment it seemed that everything had worked since Casillas opened his eyes. Then flashbacks of scenes from the different seasons are seen, but the character experiences a cardiac arrest that takes his life.

This is how Casillas’s character dies in the series.

Aurelio Casillas death has sparked shock waves among fans who have taken to social media to say they are done watching the show after 7 seasons.

Read reactions below:

  • From Novelas Time:

This probably marks the beginning of the end. AURELIO CASILLAS IS DEAD and with him the probable ending of this narco-novela once and for all #ESDLC7

  • From DaRealNoriega_:

Wow!!!! I can’t believe they really did that!!! Why!???? Idk if i can keep watching. I was looking forward to Aurelio and Amado. Smh, not fair! Poor job on the producers, writers and everybody responsible for this….


  • From Germery

Rafael Amaya is one of the main reasons Telemundo is as successful as it is today and that network did him dirty ever since last year #ESDLC7

  • From yareli aylin:

How are they gonna start the 7th season like that? R.I.P mi marido Aurelio Casillas

  • From Olga Herrera:

You guys have no idea how upset i am that they killed Aurelio Casillas, like que chiste tiene ver la serie? Wtf so pissedddd

  • From Stephanie💁:

Telemundo really played my ass with showing his face on all the trailers and promos. I should have known better 😭😭😭#ESDLC7

  • From Julee:

Entonces se muere el mero mero El Señor de los Cielos #AurelioCasillas en el primer capítulo. No manchen.. si es así adiós serie. Rafael Amaya es el protagonista. Ya valió esto sin el. Aquí todavía falta para qué empiece #ESDLC7 ya ni me dan ganas de ver está temporada.

Then the mere mere Lord of the Skies #AurelioCasillas dies in the first chapter. Do not stain .. if so, goodbye series. Rafael Amaya is the protagonist. It was worth this without him. Here we still have to start # ESDLC7 and I don’t want to see this season anymore.

Is Aurelio Casillas dead? Aurelio Casillas death season 7 – what happened?

In the sixth season of ” The Lord of the Skies “, Aurelio Casillas went from hunter to prey in a chase orchestrated by the Colombian drug dealer ‘El Cabo’ in revenge for the death of his son.

In one of the clashes, Casillas received a series of shots that left him in a coma; however, in the final episode he managed to move his fingers, which could be a sign of his recovery and reincorporation to the bloody war between drug traffickers.

In principle, the absence of Rafael Amaya did not respond to a plot twist, but to a disease that the actor contracted during the soap opera recordings in Turkey.

“He got sick of histoplasmosis, a respiratory infection that he acquired after recording in a cave where there were bats. A chapter of ‘ The Lord of the Skies ‘ was recorded in a cave where there were bat feces, which sucked by accident and thus contracted the fungus, ”he made himself known at the time.

The pulmonary histoplasmosis is a disease contracted by inhaling spores produced by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, the same found in the feces of birds and bats.

This disease affects thousands of people every year, but very few register with a serious condition. Unfortunately, Amaya was among the latter. He was the most affected among the members of the production who contracted the disease.

After this serious problem, Rafael Amaya chose to get away from the cameras and even disappeared from social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, where he used to have an important presence.

Nor has he participated in public events, except for the promotion he recorded with Telemundo to celebrate the holidays of the end of the year 2019. However, the special could be done well in advance, so it was no guarantee of Amaya’s reappearance.

Telemundo made no statement in this regard for months. The cast didn’t know anything either.

Carrillo also said he did not know the whereabouts of the actor after his abrupt departure from ” The Lord of the Skies .” “I have no knowledge, we continue to roll as our books, but Rafa’s personal life now I do not have knowledge,” he said.

Did the actor have problems with Telemundo?

This rumor was born following a publication of the magazine TVNotas, which assured, from a source, that Telemundo was not sure to bring it back.

According to the statements collected by the entertainment magazine, after getting sick, Amaya threatened Telemundo executives to sue them for putting their health at risk, arguing that they did not take the necessary precautions to avoid infection.

He also noted that, as part of his disagreements, the actor requested a raise, but the television company refused and instead demanded that he return to work immediately.


A radio station in the United States reported in April 2019 that Rafael Amaya had terminated his contract with Telemundo , but company executives came out to deny these versions.

“Everything remains the same and yes it is exclusive talent of Telemundo “, confirmed from the TV network.

A month later, the television network confirmed the return of its exclusive actor and at the end of May the first image of Amaya was leaked in a long time, in a family reunion.

The actor was also seen in a video shared by the northern group Los Rojos, although it is unknown when exactly these images date.

What happened to Aurelio Casillas on SEASON 7 OF “THE LORD OF HEAVENS”?

The sixth installment of “The Lord of the Skies” left several questions that will be resolved in the new episodes of the series. The Casillas, with Beloved ‘Blue Eagle’ and Ishmael at the head, and Chema joined together to end ‘The Cape’, but failed to kill him, only to reduce his forces.

Meanwhile, although Evelina (Ninel Conde) managed to escape and spent time with her father and was able to give birth to her daughter calmly in the Dominican Republic, the narco reappeared in her life.

To save his family, Amado decided to surrender to the Mexican authorities. Thus, while his family escaped, he faced the DEA, and when the officers tried to search his house, he told them that there was no one left and everything exploded through the air.


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