I’ll renounce Nigerian citizenship if Tinubu is sworn in – Ex-Lagos deputy gov Ojikutu

Ex-deputy governor of Lagos State Sinatu Ojikutu says she has commenced the process of renouncing her Nigerian citizenship following the emergence of Bola Tinubu as President-elect.

Ojikutu said it would be completed before May 29 when Tinubu would be sworn in.

“Before the results of the presidential elections were declared, I came out to say that if Bola Tinubu won the election, I would renounce my citizenship in Nigeria and I have my reasons,” she told the press on Wednesday at her Ikoyi residence in Lagos.

“When he won, people called me and said he would not do anything bad. But I am endangered by the current situation. I have been ostracised and humiliated in places where I should be honoured because of his not being at peace with me.

“I will not hold a Nigerian passport with Bola Tinubu as President. I am praying to God to give me the nation I can go to. I am not going to America or the United Kingdom. I want a simple place where I (can) stay and live for the rest of my life.

“I don’t know where I am going but I have already given it to the lawyers to please see where I can get the citizenship. I am working on it seriously before May 29.”

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