If I see my boyfriend’s mum sweeping, I won’t take the broom from her – Nigerian podcaster

A Nigerian lady has said that if her boyfriend takes her to his family house for the first time and she saw his mother sweeping, she would not take the broom from her.

She made the statement on a podcast while saying that the intention of the woman is what matters to her.

According to her, if a man is introducing his lover to his mother, then it is expected that they would have swept the house before she arrives.

The young woman argued that she is just a girlfriend, and as such nobody should be put in that position.

She said that if his mum started sweeping before they walked in then she would understand, but she would never take over the chore if it happened after they arrived.

However, the other ladies on the podcast disagreed with her and said the circumstances does not matter as it is a sign of respect and good upbringing if she takes the broom from the woman and continues the chore.

Watch the video below:


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