I will marry a village girl, Lagos girls are cesspool – Elozonam

Big Brother reality star and content creator, Elozonam Ogbolu says that he will prefer marrying a village girl over Lagos girls.

Elzonam made this revelation when he appeared as a guest on Is This Seat Taken podcast, hosted by actress Chinasa Anukam.

According to Elozonam, he might end up getting married to a village girl since most Lagos girls have been “cesspool” and dating the same people.

He said: “Lagos is a cesspool. The person that you are having sxxx with is probably having sxxx with somebody that knows somebody that you know.

“So, I have often told myself that if I’m gonna get married, I will just go out and meet a village girl [laughs].

“What I mean is that I will just go out of this cesspool to somewhere remote and just marry somebody because Lagos is a cesspool.”

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