I was mocked for returning N15m I found in my tricycle – Kano Keke rider

Auwalu Salisu, a 22-year-old commercial Keke rider, has shared how his friends and community people made a mockery of him for returning N15 million that a passenger mistakenly left in his tricycle.

Recall that the owner of the money, a businessman, had traveled from Chad to Kano, Nigeria, in order to do business with it.

The honest Nigerian, lives at Yankaba in Nasarawa local government, decided to return the missing cash after he heard about it on a Kano radio station.

Following the honest act, Salisu has been receiving accolades for his remarkable honest. When converted, the cash amount of N15 million consists of N2.9 million and 10.130 million CFA.

The Keke driver shared, however, that almost all of his friends made a mockery of him, with the exception of a select few who applauded him for acting honorably, when speaking while accepting a monetary reward of N100,000 from the Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, for his illustrious honesty.
Keke rider

Salisu who recounted what happened said that he had driven three folks from Badawa to Kano’s Yan Kaba Motor Park.

However, later that day while he was washing his tricycle, he found a bag loaded with cash in it.

Salisu added…

“I then rushed to our house and showed my mother. It was wads of foreign currency. My mother quickly informed my father, who also informed his elder brother.

“When they came to the house, they decided we should not announce finding the money on radio, but wait till the owner announced it.

“I collected the numbers and called them five times but it was not answered (sic). When I called the other number, it was picked at the third attempt. I spoke with the person and introduced myself as the tricyclist that carried them on Thursday.

“He was happy and arranged to meet at the Arewa Radio where they announced the missing money. We met there and they were happy. They gave me N400,000.

“I did that for the sake of God. I was even chided by my friends. They said I am mad for returning such amount of money.”

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