I was hearing voices – Nigerian man riding powerbike from London to Lagos shares experience in Sahara Desert

A Nigerian biker, Kunle Adeyanju, has continued to document his journey to Lagos which began last month from London.

The adventurer, in a Twitter thread on Monday, May 2, shared his experience driving through the Sahara Desert where he said he could hear voices.

According to Kunle, he reached Mauritania two days ahead of time and it took him almost two hours to cross the Mauritania border.

He narrated how he travelled across the desert for hours and stopped at some point to make a video. The man said that some soldiers questioned his sanity when they saw him making videos because they thought it was weird doing that in such an unstable and dangerous terrain.

The biker said that he started hearing voices around him but he did not believe that they were spirits.

In his words;

”#LondonToLagos CHARITY RIDE


Today, I and eagle achieved our longest ride ever on a single day, and it was exciting as much as tough, challenging, and stressful. I am in Nouadhibou in Mauritania, and we got here 2 days ahead of schedule, ….. so did it happen?

Yesterday before going to bed, I read a book on the limitations human set on themselves, so I decided to test my breaking point today, and see if there is one, and if there is what does it feel like?”

”The Sahara, doesn’t cooperate with you, it is a tough, desolate, lonely and scary place to be, inspite all, it is beautiful. I stopped at a point in the Sahara to feel the sand and make a video, I was surprised to see a military truck I just overtook stopped and with deep amazement on the soldiers faces asking why did I stop.

When I told them I wanted to do a short video, they all looked at me like I was insane, and they said something like are you actually alright and do you know where you are, this is the Sahara! And It is true the Sahara is not your friend and it doesn’t forgive nor understand mistakes or ignorance, it just kills you!

When I stopped to do the video, I kept turning round because I started hearing different voices, and I recall having heard some of the returnee Libya migrants’ share stories on social media that they were hearing and seeing spirits in the Sahara.

It may sound funny but its true that you hear voices, and you will hear them clearly, but they are not spirit voices and neither are the voices you are hearing coming from around you. Because of the strong winds on the Sahara and the relatively flat and bare surfaces, sound waves tend to travel farther, so voices of people from several kilometers away can come out clearly to you.”

Read his thread:

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