I want only 35 children – Benue man who married three women same day

A Twenty-six-year-old Benue man, Tersugh Aondona, who married three women on the same day, has said he will be satisfied with having 35 children.

It may be recalled that in January reports circulated that the farmer from Jato-Aka, Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State took 3 wives.

Speaking in an interview, he said he did it because it has always been his dream to have multiple wives.

Aondona said; “It has always been in my plan to have multiple wives, stemming from my desire for many children and the need for help on my expansive farm. Before marrying them, I explained to each of the women that I needed their assistance on my farm, which is too large for me to manage alone.”

On the number of children he plans to have, the farmer said; “I don’t plan on having many children. If I have 35 children, I will be satisfied. I want to have children in various professions, including lawyers, doctors, pastors, soldiers, police officers, farmers, and more. That’s the kind of family I aim to build.”

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