I slept with my wife’s younger sister, now she’s threatening to tell if I don’t open shop for her – Nigerian man cries out

A Nigerian guy who found himself in a challenging situation turned to social internet for advice.

He admitted to having an affair with his wife’s younger sister, and she has threatened to tell everyone if he refuses to comply with her demands.

He felt regret that his sister-in-law had requested that he start a saloon for her if he wanted her to hide their connection from his wife.

He said that the devil led him into having an extramarital affair and that he accidentally had two sexual encounters with her.

According to the man, his wife is a nice woman and he is terrified of losing her, but the threat from her sister may end their marriage and he is unsure of what to do. On the anonymous messaging app NGL, he discussed his problem.

He wrote;

“Pls help!! I mistakenly slept with my wife’s younger sister twice & now she threatening to expose me unless I open a saloon for her.

My wife doesn’t deserve this, I can’t afford to lose such a good woman. What should I do? I am in a deep mess. I was misled by d devil! Should I go ahead & open d shop?”


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