I need just one night alone with you – American lady tells Burna Boy after concert

An American woman named Trin Bean has expressed her desire to have a one-night encounter with Nigerian celebrity artist Burna Boy.

She went to his ‘I Told Them’ Tour and grabbed a front-row seat, during which the self-proclaimed African Giant serenaded her.

The female admirer confessed her love for Burna Boy and expressed her desire to spend one night and a few hours alone with him.

Trini posted a video of the Grammy winner singing ‘Secret’ on Twitter and gushed about how he was looking at her.

“Burna Boy was serenading me tonight while performing “Secret.”Look how he’s looking at me. I am so in love with this man. All I need is one night and just a few hours alone with him,” she wrote.

In a separate post, Trini added, “I TOLD THEM that I really be OUTSIDEEE for Burna Boy! 🗣️🗣️🗣️Burna Boy show number 6 of the year and baby a time was had! 😏😌 #ITOLDTHEMTOUR”

See the clip:



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