I married my destiny helper – Man celebrates wife who often settles part of their bills

A South African man identified as Themba Tom Ntuli has bragged about the type of woman he took as a wife.

He took to social media to celebrate his partner for always giving him financial support, describing her as his destiny helper.

According to the father-of-one, his wife happily splits their bills during casual outings or while on a trip even when the money is small.

Themba declared joyfully that she is a woman who loves and compliments him.

In a post on his Facebook page, the proud husband who shared moments she willingly offered to share the bills, said she makes the weight lighter.

Themba wrote: “I am married to a woman that says to me. Baby you have paid for the tickets please let me pay for our food.

Baby you have paid for our food , mina let me tip our waiter /waitress. Love you paid for the flights, mina let me pay for the rental car.

I am married to a destiny helper, a woman that loves and compliments me. My wife makes my weight lighter.”

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