I go kee you – Oyibo victim threatens Yahoo Boys after finding out where they live

An exchange between a white man and group of fraudsters who were trying to scam him was filmed and shared online.

It is not clear if the boys had already defrauded him of some money, but they were having a video-call where the foreign client was angry.

The yahoo boys were asking him to send the money he promised, but he had already discovered that they are scammers.

He threatened the young men over the phone and noted that he knows all of them are living in Nigeria.

They were not taking his threats seriously rather as he was talking, they decided to hurl insults at him and his family.

He issued a threat in Pidgin English because he realised he was talking to Nigerian scammers. ”I go k**l you” the white man said.

One of the guys told him to calm down and send the gift card he had earlier promised when he was still oblivious of the scam.



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