I found out on YouTube my 3rd marriage had ended – Stella Damasus

Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus has opened up about her failed third marriage with actor and filmmaker, Daniel Ademinokan.

During a recent interview with comedian Teju Babyface, Stella Damasus spoke about her ex-husband and his first wife, fellow actress Doris Simeon.

Speaking on the tumultuous period surrounding the end of her third marriage, Stella disclosed that Ademinokan had embarked on a long trip and was expected to return soon.

However, shortly after he left, the actress said she started receiving messages and calls from concerned individuals, inquiring about the state of their marriage.

Stella said to her surprise, she stumbled upon disturbing videos on YouTube that revealed her marriage had ended, news she was not aware of until that moment.

The actress said she eventually spoke with her ex-husband, who confirmed that he would not be returning. She clarified that she did not wish to assign blame but emphasized her respectful nature.

She said, “The thing is that I am not here to apportion blame. To say he did this or that, I will not say that. I pride myself in being a respectful person. A lot of things were said about me on YouTube because that is how I found out that my marriage had ended, on YouTube. I did not know that my marriage had ended.

“Well the man in question travelled and was supposed to be away for a while and was supposed to come back, a few days after the man travelled my phone was buzzing all around.

“I received messages from people saying ‘What is going on, why did you not tell me there was something going on.’ Then I was like what are all these links they are sending to me?

“So I was like something is up. I opened YouTube and I am there typing my name and before I am done, videos start coming ‘Stella Damasus marriage crashes, karma is real’ and all of that.

“I was surprised, I called and we had a conversation, even at that time I still did not know that anything like that had happened until I got the final call saying ‘No I am not coming back. People are still wondering if we are married, no I am divorced, I am single.”

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