I forgave my girlfriend for cheating but she refused to stop contacting him – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man has recounted a personal relationship experience which left him perplexed as the girl he was dating cheated on him.

The tweep @MeMezky_ said that when his now ex-girlfriend cheated, she cried profusely and apologised to him so he had no choice than to forgive her.

However, he gave a condition that she should cut all contact and communication with the guy in question, thinking that she heeded.

He later found out that she was still talking to him, and when he confronted her about it, she explained that he is an interesting guy who helps her to kill boredom.

”Dated this girl that cheated, she cried so much that I forgave her and asked her to cut all contact with him. I found out that she was still talking to him and her excuse was that he’s an interesting guy and she’ll be bored if she cuts contact with him. Women have mad audacity,” @MrMekzy_ wrote.

Read his tweet:

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