I don’t need to be n@ked to be beautiful” – Bride says on wedding day

A Nigerian lady has announced via the microblogging platform X while sharing stunning wedding pictures that she doesn’t have to be naked to look beautiful on her wedding day.

The lady who looked decent and beautiful in the pictures revealed that she was using this medium to tell brides to cover up more on their D-day.

However, her message wasn’t well understood by internet users as they spotted one or two errors in her caption.

Her caption read;

“I don’t need to be naked to be beautiful Even on my wedding day!!!!!#covabodi #kingdomqueen“

While the majority informed her that no bride looks naked on their wedding day, others advised her to change her captions and focus on her big day.

Below are some of the comments,

@africanflamingo_: You can be modest and forget about how other women choose to dress modesty doesn’t guarantee a healthy marriage or relationship. Merci

@the_fitness_farmer: She is a beautiful woman … but the constant need by supposed believers to throw shades irks me .. you don’t see some brides who wear makeup say: you don’t need to go bareface to prove you are a believer … let’s all live and let live in this world.

@abike__x: This is how other brides dress the only difference is you aren’t putting on makeup and accessories and it’s your choice

@thefoodnetworknig2: A holier-than-thou attitude never sits well with me


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