I don’t like cooking and I don’t care – Bella Okagbue to trolls

Bella Okagbue had enough time on her hands to respond to trolls who have been on her case to no end in regards to cooking.

The reality tv star and former Big Brother Naija housemate, took to Twitter on a rather lengthy thread to speak her piece.

Bella Okagbue stated that though she’s a good cook, she doesn’t like people and it’s no one’s business as long as the people entitled to complain don’t mind.

She also went on to attack the narrative that cooking keeps a hone, asking trolls that cook, “how far?”

Okagbue noted that there’s no award for who does chores the most and she works hard especially so that she can outsource these chores. She also added that she’s here for the soft life or nothing and folks should rather be interested in “what she adds to her stew.”





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