I almost lost my life – Oladips finally breaks silence

Nigerian rapper Oladips, previously reported dead by his management, has emerged alive and well, breaking his silence on the controversy surrounding his alleged demise, as he had promised to explain his side of the story when he feels better.

The artist took to Instagram to share his side of the story and express his frustration at being the subject of ridicule during a difficult time.

In a series of Instagram stories on Friday, November 24, Oladips revealed that he had nearly lost his life and expressed disappointment over people mocking and cursing him.

The rapper, visibly distressed, disclosed that some individuals had used him for comedic skits, further adding that he had reported the matter to Allah.

“Almost lost my life yet world people dey use me laugh dey curse me. Some dey even use me do skit. Okay, I don report una give Allah,” Oladips said.

The confusion surrounding Oladips’ status gained momentum when fellow rapper Qdot refuted the death announcement, asserting that Oladips was still alive.

The controversy escalated as some speculated that the rapper had staged his death as a publicity stunt for his new album.

On Thursday, a check on Oladips’ Instagram account indicated that the post announcing his death had been deleted.

While addressing the situation in an Instagram live session, the 28-year-old rapper, appearing visibly unwell, expressed gratitude to those who had sent him messages of support.

He stated that he would share his entire side of the story when he felt much better and had the strength to do so.

In his words;

“Everyone just dey talk their own, at least na me you dey see like this life and direct, shout out to everyone that has been sending me message and everything, right now I’ll just focus on getting better when I have the strength enough or when I’m ready cos I see say everybody just dey talk, talk without knowing what actually happened without hearing from me direct, when I feel like I’m good enough to address everybody I will come online and tell you people my side of the story, na wetin I come talk be that.”

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