Husbands stops male masseuse from massaging wife after receiving his own massage from female masseuse (Video)

A Nigerian woman has been seen arguing with her husband over his reaction after they visited a massage parlour for a spa treatment.

Controversial Chinese massage parlour in West Watford approved by politicians | Watford Observer

She revealed that a female masseuse gave her husband a massage and she did not complain. But when it got to her turn, her hubby did not allow the male masseuse to massage her.

According to the woman, the masseuse had done some upper body work, but her husband stopped him from going to her waist region below and insisted that he must do it himself.

In a video posted online, the woman queried her husband for interrupting the session and he replied saying; ”Why will he do that?” She then retorted that he was only doing the job he’s paid to do.

Watch video HERE

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