Husband and wife stir controversy with intimate photos

A Nigerian couple from the northern region have gotten tongues wagging with a set of photos posted on social media.

The husband and wife posed in an intimate manner and it riled up Arewa Twitter especially the religious community.

The wife known as Zaynab Yusuf shared pictures on her page on 2nd of May 2022 while wishing everyone Eid Mubaraq.

However one of the images which showed her husband grabbing her backside while she wore a hijab, caused a stir as Muslims stormed her comment section to speak against it.

”Eid Mubaraq from me and mine to you and yours 🤍🤍🤍” @thezaynabyusuf captioned the images.

See the post:

Reacting, @Abdollarstores said; This guy just bomb his 30 days of fasting in just one minute pic.

@diamonddemola; May Allah continue to bless your union sis! But take it easy on the rest of us with that first frame. Lol.

@IdrisBisola; If you truly want to respect each other you don’t need to upload this

@ICalvaries; One of the qualities of a believer is hayaa (bashfulness). Just a friendly reminder.

@Ferdeela01; Why are we always copying the culture of eastern countries.

@official_buhari; This is not proper sha, regardless of how one wants to sugarcoat it, your husband yes but showing this to the world and non-mahrams seeing it is uninslamic, the prophet specifically made mention of something like this, May Allah guide us all…just a correction!

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