How TB Joshua healed me and my mother – Victor AD shares personal experience

Popular Nigerian singer Victor AD has come forward to defend the late Pastor TB Joshua amid swirling rumours and allegations, sharing his personal experiences of healing and benevolence.

The controversy erupted following a viral BBC documentary that showcased alleged atrocities committed by TB Joshua and questioned the authenticity of the miracles attributed to him.

Many social media platforms have been buzzing, with some suggesting that the miracles he performed while he was alive were false, and the late prophet was, in fact, a fake.

However, Victor AD took to his social media page to share his firsthand encounters with the late TB Joshua, dismissing the claims of falsehood and defending the integrity of the clergyman.

The “Wetin We Gain” crooner revealed that Prophet TB Joshua played a significant role in his life at a young age, healing him of a skin disease when he was just six years old.

He further disclosed that TB Joshua intervened miraculously in his family’s life, restoring his mother’s hand, which was on the verge of amputation due to a gunshot wound.

Victor AD also recounted the healing of his sister’s blindness during her primary school days.

The singer went on to emphasize that during a time of dire need when his family was homeless, Prophet TB Joshua provided them with shelter and ensured their basic needs were met.

Victor AD expressed gratitude for the acts of kindness and generosity, dispelling any notion that the late clergyman was a fake prophet.

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