How polygamy became my biggest mistake ever – Journalist shares

A journalist by the name Maynard Manyowa has narrated how becoming a polygamist became the biggest mistake he regrets making.

Maynard shared his experience in reaction to a post which described polygamy as the future.

He explained that he never knew peace while married to two women. According to him, he had only loved one woman and had only married the second because he didn’t want her to suffer the public disgrace of not being married.

Maynard said that the union had only lasted 10 years during which he nearly lost the one he truly loved.

He wrote:

“As a former polygamist – I say this is bad advice. You will never know peace.

I was a lousy polygamist because I only ever loved one woman. And the other was not really my Mrs but someone I didn’t want to suffer ignominy of not being married.

Biggest mistake ever. Don’t do it

Let me just add. When polygamy is great, it’s amazing.

In fact polygamy is all good until it is all bad!

I enjoyed 10 years of it. Sweet!

Only issue is, in trying to keep the woman I didn’t want – I then nearly lost the one I wanted.

So perhaps polygamy isn’t bad – I am.”

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