How I pray as a Muslim now, I don’t pray in Arabic – Akuapem Poloo

After converting to Islam a few months ago, actress Rosemond Brown, better known in the entertainment industry as Akuapem Poloo, revealed her experiences as a Muslim on social media.

The contentious actress claims that after making the controversial conversion to Islam a few months ago, she has been unable to perform the customary act of Arabic prayer that is expected of all Muslims.

Despite being unable to use Arabic in her new faith, Akuapem Poloo claimed in an interview on Radio Gold that she has chosen to use English and her native language Twi during prayers instead.

“Me I can’t pray in the Islam language (Arabic) so I pray in English and Twi. Just as people call God, is the same way they also call Allah”.

The actress also revealed that when it comes to committed worshippers, Muslims tops the list and do not indulge in idol worshiping.

“I have never seen Muslims worshiping any idol in their rooms or something else”, she revealed.

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