How I made my captors so scared that they freed me – 14-year-old kidnap victim

A teenage boy who recently escaped from gunmen suspected to be kidnappers has recounted how he regained his freedom.

14-year-old Marvelous Ayomide Ogunjolu was abducted in Ondo town, Ondo state while running an errand.

It was learnt that he went on an errand for his father in Owo town when the kidnappers abducted him and drove him to Akure through Ondo town and later to Ore.

Vanguard reports that the gunmen were taking Ayomide to Edo State when he did something brave and they hurriedly dropped him from the vehicle and took to their heels.

The teenager said he was able to escape after crying for help in an area where a police patrol car was passing them and in a fit of panic, his abductors let him go.

He said;“My father sent me to buy toothpaste in the afternoon. On my way back from the shop where I bought the toothpaste, I saw some men and they asked me to follow them.

“They warned me not to shout or they will kill me with a gun. I was afraid. So, I went with them, because I didn’t want them to kill me.

“All along, I was crying. They drove through Akure to Ondo and later to Ore. They came back to Ondo on Thursday. I was in the car, when I saw a police car coming and blowing sirens. So, I started shouting for help.

“The kidnappers were afraid and they drove off to a street, where they dropped me and they fled. When I asked passersby for the name of the street, I was told it is called Akinjagunla in Ondo town. I want to call my daddy to tell him that I am in Ondo now.”

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