How I landed a job through a cab driver who turned out to be the firm’s manager – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady simply known as Oluwatise has recounted how she landed her current job under the most unexpected situation.

She said that she secured employment seven months ago with the help of an Uber driver who showed up to take her to her destination.

The young woman said she was having a conversation with the driver when she talkd about being a broke student and the man offered her a job.

Oluwatise expressed disbelief because the position in the company was one she seemed unqualified to fill.

According to her, she later discovered that the same cabman is a senior manager in the firm and they had stopped hiring but because of their interaction in the cab, the application link was reopened for her.

The lady, who shared her story on Twitter, said that she applied for the job, went for the interview and got hired all within a week.

Oluwatise narrated; “I always tell ppl to be extroverted and not stuck up. The job I’ve been working for the past seven months came from an Uber driver. I was sitting in his car talking with him and complained about being a broke college kid and he offered me a job that I wasn’t even qualified for.

It literally was remote and everything. Turns out he was the senior manager at the company and they had just stopped hiring but he got them to reopen the link for me, interview me and get me hired within a week.”


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