How I found out my crush doesn’t shower everyday – Cynthia Morgan


Nigerian singer, Cynthia Morgan has recalled when she had a crush on someone and his poor personal hygiene ruined whatever feelings she nursed towards him.

She said there was a period she slept at his house for a week and she found out that he usually takes his bath once in two days.

According to Cynthia, the discovery was so life changing that it made her to stop having a crush on anybody else.

The singer wrote; “I lived with my crush one time in his house for a week and I found out he was a once in 2days shower kinda guy. Since then I know better not to have a crush on anyone.

“Maybe the ac’s make him forget to shower though. But I just jejely swallowed my crush afterwards and he might never find out I once had a crush on him. I don use the crushed ice drink malt”.

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