How a friend I begged to house my girlfriend ended up marrying her – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man has narrated an interesting story of how he unintentionally linked up his girlfriend, named Bella with his friend, Ayo.

He revealed that his girlfriend was invited for a job interview in Lagos, so he begged his friend to accommodate her because he trusted the guy.

The lady left Warri, Delta state for Lagos and stayed with her boyfriend’s pal in his apartment, however, her attitude began to change.

The narrator known as Born Gifted, said that Bella stopped picking his calls and his friend, Ayo also changed towards him.

He did not know what was happening, so he kept trying to reach her, but one faithful day, his friend picked up his girlfriend’s phone and informed him that she was in the shower.

Fastforward to present day, Born Gifted’s ex is now married to his friend and they have two children, a boy and girl.

Read his write-up; “I remembered when I was dating this girl, she told me she has a job interview in Lagos so I called a friend of mine who lived there that my girlfriend is coming and that he should accommodate her since I trusted him enough to allow my babe pass the night there.

He agreed and accommodated her. My babe left Warri for Lagos and ever since then, her attitude as well as my friend’s attitude has changed. They don’t pick up my calls. The day he managed to pick up my calls, he answered my babe’s phone and told me, she was bathing and I should call her later… to cut the story short, Bella my girlfriend and my friend ( Ayo) are happily married now with two kids, a boy (Jude) and a girl ( Ella).”

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