Hippie in heels death: Rachel Hippie in heels death cause

Hippie in heels death happened 12th May, 2019. Details about Rachel Hippie in heels death cause is still sketchy at this moment.

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Rachel was going for her bachelorette party and planning her wedding to Ben when her sudden tragic death happened. Rachel was barely 30 years old.

A statement announcing Rachel Jones death from her family reads:

It’s with great sadness that we’re writing to let you know that Rachel has passed away. As we hope you will appreciate, it’s come as a huge shock to all of us.

Hippie in Heels started out through Rachel’s love of travelling and joy of sharing her experiences with you all. Every morning Ben would wake up to find Rachel tapping away at her laptop, keen to share her latest thoughts on a new trip, or a restaurant she loved. It’s in this spirit and knowing it would be Rachel’s strong wish, as it is our own, for Hippie in Heels to keep going in her memory.

We’re taking great strength from Rachel’s attitude to life – never settling and always wanting to do what made her happy. Having been a nurse and deciding it wasn’t right for her, Rachel’s decision to stay in India to create Hippie in Heels will have been put in the ‘too difficult to do’ box for many of us, but we’re reminded we should do whatever makes us happy, every day.

Each of us has had the joy of travelling with Rachel, but even if we weren’t with her, we felt by her side through reading her blog.

In Rachel’s honour we’d love to build a community with you all and ask you all to contribute posts, reviews, thoughts or experiences of places you have visited. Rachel did this blog for you all, and we want to do this for her.

We’re hoping to get a system up and running for Rachel’s readers to write for the blog in the next few weeks, but in the meantime please stay with us and keep reading Hippie in Heels.

Rachel was, and forever will be, our wildflower.

Ben, Jeff, Carla and Travis

Hippie in heels death:

Read touching tributes from Rachel Jones’ loved ones:

  • From Angie and Rae Away:

One of the loveliest souls in the travel blogging world has left us, sweet Rachel from Hippie in Heels (on the left). She was a guiding light for so many female travelers and a bright light for those of us lucky enough to know her. Not everyone has the guts to really live out their dreams, but she did.

  • From Global Gallivanting

Totally shocked and devastated to find out that my friend, fellow Goa lover and travel blogger Rachel Ann of Hippie in Heels has passed away.

To say that Rachel was an inspiration to so many is an understatement as she was one of the biggest travel bloggers ever. She was a huge inspiration to me too.

We became friends when I first moved to Goa – bonded by our love of dogs, Goa and blogging. The internet was so bad those days but Rachel invited me to her house to hang out, use her wifi, cuddle with the dogs and chat about blogging and life in Goa. She gave me so much help, inspiration and so many tips that helped me with my blog.

I’m in shock, I don’t know what happened, the last thing I heard was that she was going for her bachelorette party and planning her wedding to Ben. I can’t imagine how devastated Ben and her family must be. It really goes to show that you cannot take this precious gift of life for granted, we must make the most of every day as no one knows how long we have left.

One of the things that spurred me to travel was when I had a detached retina, I’d been putting it off for years but that made me realise you are never too young to get sick. Don’t wait to follow your dreams, tomorrow might be too late. Life is too short.

Rachel was barely 30. How someone so sweet, so full of live with the world at her feet could be taken so soon is beyond me. The only solace is that at least she lived her life to the full, always followed her dreams and worked so hard and passionately to inspire everyone else to do the same.

I hope they will keep Rachel’s amazing blog, Hippie in Heels, alive as a testament to the huge wealth of knowledge, experience and inspiration Rachel has been, plus it’s one of the best resources about travel, especially in India, out there and I never met a more hard working and dedicated blogger.

Despite her blogger super star status she was also so humble, kind, down to earth and eager to help every one – strays dogs included.

Rest in Peace Rachel – you will be so missed but never forgotten. I’ll never forget the times we shared in Goa and on trips to Kerala and Tawang in North East India.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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