Hilda Baci reveals plan to turn cook-a-thon into festival

Guinness World Record (GWR) holder and chef Hilda Baci has announced her plans to turn her cook-a-thon into a festival.

The Akwa Ibom native, who holds the record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual, revealed this during a recent interview with TheCable Lifestyle.

She said she wants the festival to be “something that happens in different countries.”

“So, in terms of now making it into something, I want to make the ‘cook-a-thon’ turn into more like a festival that happens in probably in different countries,” she said.

“That is something I am open to. I am now reaching out to these brands, and saying, ‘Oh, we have worked on this before’. Now, this is something that I am trying to do.”

She also said she does not have any plans at the moment to attempt another world record.

“To the best of my knowledge right now, I do not intend to attempt another record. At least, it is not something I am thinking about. It took a lot of thought and planning. It was a huge investment,” she said.

The chef also revealed that a documentary is in the works so people can see her “beautiful story.”

“We are working on a documentary as well because I feel like it is important that people see all these,” she said.

“I feel like it is important that people actually see the process because it is honestly a very beautiful story. I think more people deserve to see it holistically, not just little clips on social media.”

On June 19, Hilda Baci received her plaque from the GWR for the record she set in May.

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