Hiba Abouk: Who is Achraf Hakimi estranged wife

Moroccan and Paris Saint-Germain football star Achraf Hakimi and his estranged wife Hiba Abouk are currently in the midst of a divorce.

Hakimi, 24, and Hiba, 36, share two sons but went their separate ways earlier this year.

Though born in Spain just as Hakimi, Hiba Abouk is originally of Tunisian and Libyan descent.

Her parents came to Spain after emigrating from Tunisia and had four children, with Hiba being the youngest of the brood.

She later went on to study Arabic philology and earned a licentiate degree in drama from the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático – a drama school in Madrid, Spain

The couple however met in 2018 at a photo shoot for Vogue Arabia while Hakimi was playing for Real Madrid. He was 19 at the time.

They married in secret in 2020 and are now proud parents to two boys, Amin and Naim.

Earlier this year, Achraf Hakimi was accused by a woman of raping her at his home in a Paris suburb on February 25, and shortly afterwards French prosecutors launched a formal investigation.

He has denied the allegation, saying that he is the victim of ‘racketeering’.

Notably, Hiba did not publicly defend her husband.

After a month of silence, Hiba issued a statement to say she had separated from Hakimi, ‘long before the events in which I have been involved in the media and of which I am totally unaware’.

‘After taking the decision to legally separate and stop living together, while awaiting the divorce proceedings, who would have imagined that in addition to facing the usual pain that comes with a separation and accepting the grief that comes with the failure of a family project to which I had given body and soul, I would have to face this ignominy,’ she said in a statement to El Pais.

She added that she has faith in the justice system and that she is always on the side of victims in such cases.

Worth a reported €3.1 million, the mother-of-two is likely to continue her TV and film career in the wake of her split from her husband.

On Instagram she has 1.3 million followers and no doubt earns a handsome amount from brand partnerships, promoting products such as Dior perfume.

She also has various charity projects, focused on promoting children’s health and welfare.

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