Heartwarming moment man broke down in tears when his high school teacher attended his medical school graduation

A Nigerian medical doctor simply identified as Nochi has recollected being moved to emotions during his graduation from medical school due to the appearance of a special person.

He said his favourite teacher from secondary school, Aunty Foly, attended his graduation much to his surprise and he broke down in tears.

The young man said the woman was the first person who made him believe in himself when he was still a high school student. Nochi prayed for God to bless Aunty Foly, who mde a big man like him to weep.

He shared a photo which captured the heartwarming moment.

“Seeing my favorite highschool teacher at my graduation from Medical school. She was the first person who made me genuinely believe in myself. Big man like me wept. God bless you Aunty Foly,” Nochi wrote.



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