Heartbreak inspired my new album – Bnxn

Popular singer, Daniel Benson, aka Bnxn, has said that his latest album titled, ‘Sincerely, Benson’, was inspired by the heartbreak he was suffering at the time.

In an interview with Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio with Nandi Madida, he said, “I was in love when I was working on this project. I was so heartbroken when I made this project, because I had just left a relationship. I know that I was the one that really caused it, but it’s like…how does one really tell someone one is sorry if one cannot own up to it and accept it? That was one of the themes that inspired the project.”

Bnxn also stated that he came up with the album’s title after a chat with fellow singer, Burna Boy.

“I went out with Burna Boy around the period I had just changed my name (from Buju to Bnxn). We were talking, and he told me I needed to personalise the name and make an emphasis on it. He added that it had to be the title of my album. He said, ‘It has to be part of your album itself. You need to sell it with you’.

“He told me that and it stuck to me so bad, but it was crazy because months after that, he released his album titled, ‘Love, Damini’, which was his real name! That was one of the things that inspired the title; the need to personalise and make an emphasis on the name, so people can really identify me for what it is,” he said.

The singer added that the album had a lot of emotional, it was also meant to make listeners feel good. He said, “This album encompasses so much emotion, especially if you can relate. Also in there is still a need for you to feel good, dance and vibe. That is why songs such as ‘Gwagwalada’, ‘Mukulu’ and ‘Right Energy’ are there. It gives you the sense that you are about to sink into a project full of emotions, but I also want you to feel good. I feel like this is such a perfect project; it has everything.”

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