Grammy 2024 nominations: Why Davido, Ayra Starr don’t merit the list – Daniel Regha

In a recent Twitter post, Daniel Regha sparked controversy by questioning the merit behind the Grammy 2024 nominations for notable artistes such as Davido, Ayra Starr, and others.

Expressing strong opinions, Regha criticized Davido’s inclusion in the nominations, dismissing his album “Timeless” as lacking the qualities of a stellar production.

He went on to label the list for “Best African Music Performance” and “Best Global Music Album” as pathetic.

While acknowledging Burna Boy’s nomination for “Best Global Music Performance” based on the excellence of the song “Alone,” Regha asserted that the album “I Told Them” did not deserve any nominations.

Tyla’s “Water” came under fire as an overhyped and sexualized song, with Regha questioning the justification for its nomination. Ayra Starr’s “Rush” was also criticized for lacking a meaningful message, deemed by Regha as mere rhymes.

Regha argued that contemporary artistes prioritize public relations and chart performance over creating music with depth and relevance.

He concluded by accusing the Grammy Awards of perpetuating favoritism in their selection process.

Davido bagging 2024 Grammy nominations is an absolute j¤ke; Timeless ! isn’t a dope album to begin with. Both the “Best African Music Performance” & “Best Global Music Album” lists are pathetic!c. Burna on the other hand merited his nomination for Best Global Music Performance cos “Alone” was a great song, but the “I Told Them” album doesn’t deserve any noms. “Water” by Tyla is an ¤verhyped sexual! song, so why the nomination? The same goes for Ayra Starr’s “Rush” which conveys no meaningful msg, just rhymes. This is why artists nowadays are more focused on PR & topping charts, instead of putting out sensible/relative music. Once again, the Grammys have nominated people based on favorite!sm.

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