Government should ban DNA test in Nigeria – Women say and give reasons

A group of social media users have taken to Twitter to advocate for the banning of DNA tests in Nigeria.

According to the women, DNA tests have caused more harm to families that took it, especially when the results don’t come out as planned, and so it is time for the Nigerian government to put an end to it.

An X user, with the name Benita, wrote: Nigerian government should please cancel the conduct of DNA test. That sh** has done a whole lot of harm than good. My neighbour found out yesterday that he is not the father of his two girls. Girls he already trained to university lever. The bab wan mad.”

Another X user agreed, writing: “Blame people going for the DNA. They will eventually see that thing dem dey find. Why not allow sleeping dog lie? Child you have already loved and cherished, you will scatter everything because of man made DNA. Make una dey play.”

The initial poster replied: “Seriously, the harm it causes on mental health is just too much.”

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